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Our most advanced “terminal(s)”

  • Suite of Solutions: Single integrated, cloud-based platform enabled on multiple hardware options (Station, Mobile, Mini) with upgrade path
  • Accepts the widest range of Payment Types: EMV, NFC, PIN (on screen) and signature debit, credit, virtual and physical gift cards
  • Flexible Connectivity Options: Only established cloud-based solution with Ethernet connectivity and a reliable, infinite, offline mode
  • “Best of Breed” App Market: Largest merchant-facing app market ever built! Broad selection of published apps that you pick and choose for your business. Including; gift & loyalty, inventory control, time tracking, accounting software integration, online ordering…plus many more
  • Security: End-to-end encryption and tokenization on every transaction and is the only PA-DSS certified hardware in the tablet space
  • Interested in traditional standalone credit card terminals? We have those too and would be happy to re-program or upgrade your current terminal. Our standalone terminals offer EMV and NFC capabilities and work great!

Online Payment Solutions

You have a website for your business or organization so why not drive customers to your website to make their payments? We live in a world where your business needs to be at the forefront of technology and DrivePayments provides the solutions to get you there. Our web solutions are always smartphone and tablet ready so your customers can make their payments wherever they are. Create multiple online pages for different uses, including but not limited to online payments, customer invoices, b2b invoices, registrations, etc.

  • Create your forms how you want them
  • Add the pay form URL to your site in seconds
  • Accept payments 24/7
  • Customized look and feel
  • Add multiple pay forms with ease
  • Mobile friendly

mobile payment solutions

Mobile Payments (Smartphones & Tablets)

We live in a world today that demands our smartphones and tablets be able to access any area of your business. In addition to our mobile friendly pay forms, we have multiple applications you can download to start processing payments directly from your device. Whether you need a mobile solution for a quick weekend tradeshow or you are wanting to implement a more permanent solution, we have the solution to fit your needs.

  • Give your customers options
  • Swipe transactions for a better rate
  • Mobile application to process payments
  • Fully integrated POS solutions

Software Integration

Does your business operate using a specific software to manage clients and operations? Integrate the DrivePayments solution with your current software to increase efficiency and convenience. We will work with your software company to integrate our solution and if they don’t have a way to do so, we are happy to talk with their programmers about making it happen.

  • Create convenience and increase efficiency
  • One solution to run your business
  • Integrate swiped, online, and mobile transactions

And more… Where we succeed is talking with you about your business and how you currently operate. From virtual terminals to point of sale systems, to you name it…if it has the possibility of a transaction, we are there. Let’s work together to discuss solutions for your business. 

The Clover® Solution is being offered in conjunction with an approved DrivePayments merchant account. Restrictions may apply. Call for details 888.675.6255