DrivePayments/IO Support Center

Customer Support

General support and Jackson (208.561.9280)

7 rings total, if no answer, proceed below.

I apologize but it appears our in-house support reps are either helping other customers or they have stepped away for a minute. Can you please tell describe your issue and I will make sure someone contacts you as soon as possible?

Direct support (only if client specifies)

Jon Wahl: 2O8.391.6376

Andrew Jensen: 2O8.9O8.7O76

3 rings total then offer to try general support or create a new support ticket

Common Questions

I noticed a small charge on my account

“We work with many government and municipality clients who choose to pass a convenience fee to their customer when making a utility payment. That’s more than likely what this is, do you recall making a recent utility payment?”

*If they don’t remember or would like to know which client they paid please tell them you will connect them with someone who can look into it and forward the call as normal.*

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