Samsung Restaurant Kiosk Powered by BentoBox

Our self-serve ordering solution built specifically for restaurants, powered by Samsung hardware, BentoBox software, and Clover payment processing.

Bentobox Kiosk

Save on labor costs, drive operational efficiency and streamline business operations with a self-serve ordering solution built for restaurants. Powered by BentoBox and Clover.

Take more orders, make more money

Boost revenue by giving customers another faster – and easier – way to order.

Speed up ordering

Reduce lines and wait times by allowing customers to browse menus and input their selections directly on self-service kiosks.

Personalize the ordering experience

Allow customers to create the exact orders they want with intuitive custom modifiers, dine-in, and to-go order options.

Technical Specs

  • The Clover Flex4 terminal, supported by Android 10, takes payments quickly and easily, with a large display (5.00” IPS HD) and robust memory (2-GB RAM, 16-GB Flash).
  • Samsung 24” commercial touch screen with antimicrobial coating

  • Countertop, floor stand, and wall mount options

  • Uses standard 3-1⁄8” thermal receipt paper