CardConnect Payment Processing

CardConnect payment processing is fast, secure and simple. With DrivePayments and CardConnect merchant services, you get next day funding, ACH payment processing, secure tokenization and storage of customer cards, virtual terminal

CardConnect Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

CardConnect Clover mobile merchant services

Mobile applications

CardConnect credit card machine ICT220 Desk 3500

Retail devices

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Software integrations

CardPointe API online payments custom payments

Online payments

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CardConnect merchant services

process refund payments
Process, void, refund, re-run payments

With CardConnect merchant services, processing any type of electronic payment is easy, secure and fast!

CardConnect ach echeck payments

ACH Payment processing with CardConnect and DrivePayments could not be easier! ACH return notifications, tokenize your customer’s checks so you can process securely in the future!

DrivePayments Interchange optimization
Interchange Optimization

CardConnect interchange optimization automatically adds missing data points to get you the lowest possible interchange rates on any given transaction!

CardPointe recurring billing
Recurring Billing

CardPointe recurring billing allows you to set a payment schedule using your securely stored customer payment profiles. With CardConnect merchant services, recurring billing is a snap!

Secure credit card storage tokenization
Save Customer Profiles

CardPointe tokenization safely and securely stores your customer’s credit card details, reducing the scope of PCI-DSS audits which saves both time and money!

CardConnect custom reporting
Custom Reporting

Run virtually any kind of report within your CardPointe dashboard.  Export to excel or .csv. Choose which columns to include. Save your custom reports for next time!

PCI compliance
PCI Compliance

Get PCI compliant and stay PCI compliant with DrivePayments PCI compliance program. CardConnect and DrivePayments partner together to take the pain out of getting PCI compliant.

CardConnect Chargeback management
Chargeback Management

Be proactive, not reactive with chargeback management.  Get notified immediately when a chargeback occurs and let DrivePayments help you combat and resolve chargeback disputes.

multi-location credit card processing

If your business has multiple locations, it’s no problem! CardPointe, CardConnect and DrivePayments work together to make consolidated reporting, virtual terminal and user management a snap! You can have fine-grained control over who sees what and who can do what in your organization’s CardPointe dashboard.

CardConnect merchant services credit card processing

P2PE Terminals

Our EMV terminals are simple to use and only require an internet connection to start processing transactions. Every transaction is secured with Point-to-Point Encryption and our interchange optimization saves you money on the issuing bank’s fees.

Online Payments

We create simple online payment forms branded to your business. Our forms allow you to collect payments/invoices 24/7 and require no developer involvement. We provide you with a URL to link on your website and/or to include on your invoices. We can also embed your form directly on your website if you prefer.

Cardconnect online payments
CardConnect mobile payment app


Mobile App

Extend the features and benefits of our platform to your mobile device at no additional charge. Run one-time payments (key entered or swiped using our mobile adapter) and manage all of your transactions (voids, refunds, re-runs, emailing receipts) regardless of origin.