If your business processes more than $10,000 in credit cards each month, you should have a dedicated merchant processor.

A transparent relationship.

What’s your rate?

How much money can you save me?

Will my rate go up?

What’s “interchange?”

Is a flat pricing model better for my business?


Why you SHOULD get an analysis

There are many variables that can influence your “rate,” which is why we analyze each one of customers current situations.

Factors that affect your rate:

  • Card type (credit, debit, rewards, corporate, etc.)
  • Method of entry
  • Average ticket
  • Equipment used
  • Settlement time
  • Cardholder information gathered
  • MCC code
  • Level I, II, III data
  • and more


Transparency Pricing

Our company is built on being transparent with our clients. We offer month to month contracts and we are happy to provide a three and six month review to ensure we are meeting or exceeding our analysis.

DrivePayments is focused on saving you money but more importantly providing you with payment solutions to grow your business.

3 easy ways to submit your statements

  1. In your mail, simply scan them in (or take a picture with your phone)
  2. Online on your current merchant providers website
  3. Ask your current provider